Easy Care Tips

Cleaning, sealing and polishing are the three necessary steps required to keep natural stone looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Clean often Even if your surface appears clean, it should be cleaned daily and after every meal preparation to ensure that it is clean. Avoid ordinary cleaners and abrasives, which can break down the protective seal. The result could be costly repairs or even replacement.

Sealing There is a common misunderstanding that natural stone surfaces can be damaged by sealing too much. However, frequent sealing maintains high surface protection, which provides superior, long-lasting resistance to staining, etching and soil build-up.

Polish regularly Polishing your stone after cleaning brings out its natural beauty it also reinforces the protective seal, which provides ongoing resistance against water spots and fingerprints. Polishing is especially important on stone shower walls and tub surrounds to help prevent soap scum build-up, and is recommended you polish those as often as you can. Polishing stone floors is not recommended as it will make the walking surface slick and dangerous and if and when you do polish your flooring it is recommended you walk carefully.

Tips for removing stains: Most stains can be removed using common household products. If the stain is particularly difficult to take care of, a commercial stain remover can be used. The list that follows provides some common staining problems and potential solutions.

Blood baking soda, hydrogen peroxide
Chewing gum Ice cubes, paint remover
Coffee baking soda, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide
Fats Detergent, sal soda
Fruit juices baking soda, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, oxalic acid
Grease Detergent, plaster of paris, sal soda
Ink baking soda
Iodine Ammonia
Mildew Ammonia, baking soda
Paint Paint remover
Rust Baking soda, scouring powders
Tar Ice cubes, paint remover
Vegetable oi l Baking soda, detergent
Water/mineral stains White vinegar
Wine Baking soda

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