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M. I know that the ifs Toyota rotors are a little smaller than the 80's land cruiser rotors and the solid axle rotors, and shouldn't be used without a bracket. Toyota straight axle conversion works best for your Toyota tacoma or 4Runner Vehicle. A solid axle swap is a little in depth but not to bad. 5" spring pin spacing. The only current ratios available are 4. _____ Frame Tubes install into IFS style frame for mounting leaf springs. Here are all dimensions and factoids you need like spring perch width, pinion drop, and brake type. com. 5 x R15 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2s with 80% tread Cus This article discusses how to change and setup gears, bearings, and differential carriers in Toyota third members. Does not replace factory hard steel lines on the front calipers, these are available separately. This T100 was a perfect truck to swap a full width Chevy Dana 44 front axle into. This is more work than I expected. These solid axle swap kits are completely laid out with full color instructions to walk you through step by step for replacing your Toyota Tacoma's IFS system with a solid axle. Right now I’m biased towards the 9” but Let me know what you think of these axles. . The best online destination and local store solution for all of your Truck and Jeep off-roading needs! the Birfield joints in the front are not as strong as the front axle u-joints not as many widths to choose from smaller ring gear diameter (8" vs. The first shot shows the Confer perch I welded to the rear axle. Performance Toyota SOLID AXLE SWAP - from LCEPerformance. For the front the Dana 44 swap has an advantage because the Toyota front axle uses a birfield joint (though much larger than the Samurai birfield). 8” with discs, This would also make my wheel bolt pattern the same front to rear since I have an aftermarket front axle. and they might not all have the same rear end ratio. 75") I would not swap in Toyota axles under a Jeep (except maybe under a flatty). i like the hybrid setup for the sammi rear. Toyota Solid Axle Swap Conversion Instructions by James and Justin . 7s Longfield transfer case output shaft Modified bubduilt crossmember High Angle Driveline Double Cardan drive Marlin Crawler: The World's First Rock Crawling Company (since 1994) Get discount prices, fast shipping and ultimate product help when shopping for Toyota 4Runner Solid Axle Conversion Kits at 4 Wheel Parts. Let's try to think in pictures. This seems like a dumb question, but doing a solid axle swap will dramatically affect your ride quality, ride height, and overall handling. 23 spline chromo input to marlin 4. East Coast Gear Supply offers FREE shipping on all Toyota axle swap kits. Realizing I was  Nov 24, 2017 SoCal Toyota Offroad Fest 2013 Tacoma Solid Axle Swap part 4 into the tower and the axle mount to check that everything was all good. Toyota Straight Axle parts. I would really like to do the Tacoma rotors, but are they also smaller diameter? Or are they about the same diameter as the solid axle or lc rotors? Me too. You also know that a 33 tire is just about the limit on the stock Suzuki axles we all love so much. The third gen 4Runner is becoming one of the best platforms to do a solid axle swap on and to build an awesome trail rig. Our lines of solid axle swap kits combos are the best of the best. Marlin crawler billet adapters. Toyota Tacoma '95. Solid axle swap Tacomas. It's long been perfected and is the ultimate modification for '86 and later Toyota pick-ups and 4Runners as the remedy for the lack of travel from the independent front suspension. Anyone have a link to a rear axle swap walkthrough? I've seen one about a retrofit, but not a complete The axle shaft can be removed from the axle without taking the wheels off. The exclusive Diamond Axle design features precision CNC laser cutting, forming, and machining. Kits like the ones from All-Pro Off-Road are good for 4Runners and pickups from 1986-1995. Economical disc brake conversion kit for use on Toyota rear axles. 29 Gears Welded front differential. This is also a solid front axle, but the differential is now a Land Cruiser FZJ80 high pinion, 4 pinion differential, with an ARB air locker installed. Swaping your axle? Need u-bolts, perches, shock tabs? Take a look at our Kits for Jeeps, Fords, Chevy, Toyota and more. It's a perfect size vehicle to build upon and has been super reliable with it's engine and transmission choices. I just picked up a Sammi and I have heard how easy it is to put a set of Toyota axles under it. The improved axle is physically larger in size, has reinforcement in critical areas, larger brakes, and natively supports dual rear wheels. - 30 spline pinion on OEM gears, swap pinion flange to 27 spline to use aftermarket gears. The Scout II front Dana 44 had a wider spring pad width than the CJ-7 frame. As you can see I used some strips of steel to get a good bead all around the spring perch. Toyota Steering Box Swap for 1948-1960 Trucks By R. The best parts and materials have been fabricated and combined in this kit to provide the highest quality swap possible. 3rd gens. The nice thing is that Toyota seems to have done a pretty good job with the geometry of the suspension so that it mods fairly well and is pretty capable and robust. It unbolts at the wheel (under where the center cap would be located on the rear axle) The one ton toyota axle is a full floater but, I am not totally sure if the axle can be removed in the same way as the 14-bolt. front axle plate, and trail gear pinion flanges. 3. I went with yj springs but I helped a buddy do his with stock springs. Toyota U-Bolt Flip Kits. So if you want 38"+ tires the Dana 44 swap will be a better way to go in the long run. 56 OEM Toyota Gears in stock, and 4. 56 from Toyota OEM Japan and 4. Springs-Recommended are Toyota based springs-other springs may be used but you will need to determine modifications to kit to use them. Toyota Land Cruiser With Toyota 8" Axle 2004, Front Driver or Passenger Side CV Axle Shaft Assembly by Nitro Gear & Axle®. Accepts stock Toyota front bushings. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Trail-Gear Inc. for the front i picked up some after jeep rubicon lowers fot free that im using Low Range Off Road is your source for Toyota Axle Swap Parts for your Suzuki Samurai. About 1 3/4 per side wider. This kit is designed to use a donor axle from a '79-'85 Toyota pickup or '84-'85 4Runner. is an off-road equipment manufacturer that offers not one, but two kits for installing a solid front axle in all 1995 to 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickups. It assumes you have already removed the third member from the vehicle and are ready to begin disassembly. Parts are just part of what we do. The company advertises its Solid Axle Swap (SAS) kits as the most complete on the market. Save toyota axle swap to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Great for use on solid axles conversions to make the front axle similar in width the wider rear axle found on 86 and up Toyota trucks . Modifying the axle meant either shortening the long tube and shifting the axle towards the driver side. 2005+ Ford Superduty D60 Rebuild Parts. All I need is a couple of details. Complete Engine Rebuild in 2009. Figuring out the the width of a particular Toyota axle is only  Mar 1, 2008 Read about our Toyota Axle guide featuring products from 4Crawler, and 1-5/ 16-inch axleshafts as the rear axle, simplifying part swapping. solid axle swap re Alright whats up bro Somthing I can help with. Please Note, due to using US made steel and tube, and the difficulty in finding the US made material, Toyota Steering kits may take up to a week to ship! Extended Brake Lines. Axle swap. + Trail-Gear 110026-1-KIT Solid Axle Swap Frame Tube For Toyota Models. Please included any links, pictures, or information that you think is necessary in this thread. Hi-pinion Electric Locker. Jigs are used for positioning tubes in frame. Build Date: November, 2015 Use universal rear spring perch's to set rear axle under Toyota Springs Additional parts you will need along with the this kit 1. This is the only type Land Cruiser differential that is compatable with Toyota pick-ups and 4Runners. Shopping Options They are made for the Toyota but work great when doing axle swaps. com/toyota/tech/dana44/ suspension/, Short Cuts. RockSolidToys is a premier Toyota Solid Axle conversion and fabrication company specializing in solid axle swaps, transfer case conversions Above are photos of the various Toyota 8" 3rd member housings. It improves great strength and reliabillity to experience the adventurous trails. Material: Alloy Steel. How to Change Rear Axle Seals and Differential Fluid Is your diff acting up? This article applies to the Toyota Tacoma (1996-2015). I priced out all of the parts 3 years ago. F. i am You also need to consider the width of the axle. S. 5 speed manual transmission Trail Gear Solid Axle Swap Crossover steering 63" Chevy rear leaf springs and Toyota rear leaf springs up front 5. I know I will basically be doing an axle flip so I will need new leaf spring perches for the front and rear and of course new wheels. 128", most of them are also 30 spline. If you go Dana, I wouldn’t go lower than a d60. Our particular install discusses installation of an ARB air locker and 4. All the housings are interchaneable in that the mounting studs and axle splines are identical. I cant find much information on this, so Im asking here. Product Description. I will be tearing out the rack and pinion steering and replacing it with an I. a guy at work has either an 85 or 86 yota 2 wheel drive sitting at his horder of a househe said if i want to come out  Tech: Solid Axle Swap. Axles have always been at the back of my mind every since starting the buildup of my Samurai. 4Runner Straight Axle Swap. Choose the Poison Spyder Full Width Axle Conversion Kit or the Independent Front Suspension Eliminator and Solid Axle Swap kits from Trail Gear. I have a lead on a rear axle assembly from a 97 Runner (mine's an '00), with the e-locker. A solid axle runs straight from one wheel to the other, encased in a hardened steel tube, and attached to your truck by two leaf springs, the steering linkage and the driveshaft. Trail-Gear is proud to be the first in the industry to develop a series of Tacoma SAS Kits for 95-04 Tacomas that are complete, user friendly, and affordable. These Nitro chromoly Toyota axles come with a lifetime warranty. A front Dana 44 axle's smallest diameter is 1. Toyota Tacoma: How to Change Rear Axle Seals and Differential Fluid. Toyota front leaf hanger kit with logo29" spring center. Mimics the front suspension of the original Toyota solid axle Pickups and 4Runners Includes: Customer Photo: Chris Flores with his full width swapped First Gen Toyota What it is: Toyota Full Width Solid Axle Swap kit to put install full width axles under a 79-95 Toyota PickupsWhat it Does: Fits Chevy or custom axles with 31. Drive line mods or conversion flanges 4. have you ever even ran a toy axle? thier much stronger than a d30 and for 150$ its far stronger than a stock d44 plus you can carry one spare 3rd member that will work for frt and rear axles. Front install kits are also not available from the common aftermarket. Also discuss the best setups for leafs and also for links. 1991 x-cab w/a V6 (piece of junk motor) I did the bulk of the work over christmas. The 4 cyl differential internals are different than the V6 and High Pinion, so that lockers and limited slips are different. I know I have seen a couple write ups with pics on this site and zukiworld of that swap. Since 1996 we have been researching and designing new ways of improving the Toyota front axle. Toyota mini truck, solid axle equipped brake lines. Solid axle swap Tacomas  Log in or Sign up Solid Axle Suspension. com |  Wouldn't it be more worth your while to swap a Toyota IFS axlehousing in with the Toyota CV's? Just thinking about putting big Toyota CV's in  Jan 8, 2004 For years I had read about the benefits of doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on an independent front suspension (IFS) Toyota truck. Find great deals on eBay for toyota solid axle swap kit. im doing toyota axles under mine to i started with doing a sami axle but then got a set of toyota axles for $250 and a toyota trd e locker for $350. Now rather common, the Toyota solid axle swap, often referred too as "SAS", has been performed on '86-'95 IFS Toyotas for a number of years. I spent about a year reading other articles of SAS’s and all the options in doing the swap. The build ended up being a bit different than planned, but it wheels great and only has a few issues to sort out. 88 gears. This kit requires the use of 2 Toyota front brake rotors 1983 to 1985 (4WD only) and 2 Toyota front brake calipers 1979 to 1985 (4WD only). These bolt on wheel spacers are designed to give you a little more width without changing out your axle for a wider one . SAS using Toyota Axle? OLIVER2010, Oct 16, Toyota Axle Swap Shop By. So, am I missing something? They're not really a Toyota shop, so maybe they just "don't know". 3rd Gen. If you find that what you need is not listed here, please take a look at  If you're here, you're probably thinking about an axle swap. if you have the 8" rear end, you can swap the lsd from a supra into your housing and can use the rear discs from the same car. Deaton May 18, 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser No Comments I can easily add sequoia discs to my Toyota axle but I’m tempted to swap out my rear for a 9” or 8. Including, but not limited to- brake issues, axles used, full hydro or hydro assist setups etc. Kit to replace your factory IFS setup with a Toyota solid front axle. Kit includes Hanger, Hardware, frame tubes,grease-able boomerang shackles, frame tube jigs and all bushings and sleeves. The rear axle on my 4Runner was 3" wider than the '85 rear axle, the front is a little wider but not The solid rear axle provides a great compromise in terms of capability and comfort; which is why Toyota and many manufacturers went with the IFS/SRA set-up. It "could" be done by an axle builder by doing major work to the mounting flange, but that is not really a practical option. The new axle and my old have the same gear ratio (4. Buy DANA 44 or Toyota REAR AXLE SWAP COMBO: Shocks, Struts & Suspension - Amazon. Switching to normal U-bolts is an easy upgrade that gets you some extra clearance under your rear axle. sky mfg. A factory option on ‘93-97 Landcruiser FZJ-80's is a hi-pinion electric locking front differential. Tacoma Double cab TOYOTA solid axle swap okay so I am starting a solid axle swap on my double cab Tacoma using a toyota mini truck front axle and a Turbo transfer case mated to the stock 5 speed. also swap in a pass drop d300 and that solves your diff side problem plus you have a much better transfercase. I know alot of people swap in dana 44 and dana 30s but I haven't heard a lot about toyota swaps. This is the Original kit – not a cheap knock-off. 10s). 88 on the way in. Trail Gear Toyota Tacoma solid axle swap kits are the first complete and user friendly solid axle swap kits for the 1995 to 2004 Toyota Tacoma. My axle is rusted bad and needs to be changed before something happens and was hoping this is possible to do because they have rear disk brakes. Trail-Gear is proud to be the first in the industry to develop a series of Tacoma SAS Kits for 95-04 Tacoma's that are complete, user friendly, and affordable. 5" round circle . 1989 Toyota 4Runner SR5 1989 4runner 3. Tacomas (2005-2015) So you want to swap out the entire axle or are you trying to stuff Chevy gears in a Toyota axle? A Toyota tech friend stated that some of these 4Runners had their gears swapped at the same time (possibly an axle swap?), and though we couldn’t find more than anecdotal evidence of this, we The stock Toyota setup for securing the springs to the axle is not ideal for fourwheeling. Since no one is coming out with a lift high enough or strong enough, I am going the route of a straight axle swap. 1987 and newer vehicles came with an upgraded rear axle from Toyota that could bear more weight and natively supported dual rear wheels. | Toyota Tech | Toyota Section | 4x4Wire. While the swap itself is straightforward, it does require the help of an experienced welder as every width will be the biggest issue. The bolt pattern, axle width, and spring perch width do not need to be modified and crossover steering is only a phone call away. Buy discount Nitro Toyota axle shaft kits for Toyota FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, Landcruiser, Hilux, Toyota 4Runner all with Birfield joint upgrade from 27 spline to 30 spline. For use with 1979 to 1995 Toyota rear axles. open rear differential Bilstein shocks 35 x 12. The axle shaft can be removed from the axle without taking the wheels off. Realizing I was reaching the limits of my IFS I began researching what it would take to SAS my truck. Kit includes everything needed for the swap except for the axle itself. Pick the Right Kit Make sure that the kit you choose is compatible with the make and model of your rig. You can use a Toyota straight axle with an ifs hub conversion or wheel spacers to match your rear axle. Toyota axle widths! If you want to do an axle swap, you gotta know ‘em. Use a plumb bob to find center of axle location front and rear if you are unfamiliar with where your axle is going to be after modifications. It's still a long way away and with school and my current job it'll take a while to complete, but at least I'm making progress For years I had read about the benefits of doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on an independent front suspension (IFS) Toyota truck. There are numerous benefits to using this axle. Axle 2. If you find that what you need is not listed here, please take a look at our Toyota section. 1 Review(s Toyota Axle Swap - Page 3. I was thinking about putting in a front axle from a 85 4runner and a 87 fj60 rear they are passenger offset and seems to be a lot of parts available and the axles don't seem that much longer than the stock. At these prices, you can't go wrong. The U-bolts point downward, hanging up on the trail and being mangled . The price of your swap depends who does the work, what parts you use, what deals you find etc. Kit includes Hanger, Hardware, frame tubes,grease-able boomerang shackles, frame tube jigs and all   I am looking to find out if anyone has swapped toyota axles into a sidekick I am looking in to doing it leaf springs f/r any pics or info would be  Aug 11, 2010 with Brent may Toyota Axle Swap OK, so youve been eye balling those big new set of tires, and the extra help they will give on those rocks and  Jan 30, 2019 Despite the old Toyota IFS being a great system, it lacks wheel travel and articulation. I know there was someone on here who did this swap already. The 4x4 Parts we sell will take all the abuse you can give them, so you aren't left stranded. Here are the parts I used: Trail-Gear 4" SAS kit Most people converting a 1986 and later Toyota from independent front suspension to a solid front axle use a factory Toyota axle from a 1985 or earlier pickup. com - specializing in Toyota 20R, 22R, 22RE, 2RZ, 3RZ performance Axles & Conversions It is the same as the Non-US Toyota Prado front differential. The seals in your Toyota Tacoma's axles play a vital role in your truck's Toyota axle swap combo comes with all the parts that you will need to install your new axle with a leaf spring suspension. steering box to connect up to the solid axle steering arms. The axle needs to withstand the tire size and wheeling style you use. The guy who makes the Toy axle conversions (Stan) is willing to make the right spacers for the lockouts if someone can do the swap (centersection and all) and give him the measurements. i would leave the axles stock ive decided against it for now im worried about driveability afterward and other things its my daily as of right now i think im going to go with some jeep cherokee springs build a bracket to move the strut mount up and some 30's or 31's Toyota 1 Ton Axle Swap 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Changes, Redesign, Colors, Interior, For, Sale, Tennessee Brett A. Discussion in '2nd Gen. Welcome to Diamond Axles! Welcome to Diamond Axles, your home for Rockcrawler designed axles! We've designed our housings to be stronger, more compact, and have the highest clearance possible, ensuring they will stand up to all kinds of off-road abuse. Brand New. For everyone who has done the rear 5-lug conversion, is there a direct Toyota axle swap that doesnt involve moving spring perches? Not certain of my Toyota rear axles year, but the spring perches are about half an inch too outboard. if you do decide to go to a yota set, i have a built up one for sale in the classifieds. “Built Toyota (mini or LC), Diamond, Trailgear, or Dana 60. I'm finally starting on something I've wanted to do for a long time. The rear axles are very similar in strength but the front Birfields on Toyota axles are a weak link. “I just finished a solid axle swap on my ’95 4Runner. Toyota Axle Swap OK, so youve been eye balling those big new set of tires, and the extra help they will give on those rocks and ruts youve been playing on. Bolt pattern is 6 stud on a 5. Stock 23 spline input in crawl box. For years I had read about the benefits of doing a solid axle swap (SAS) on an independent front suspension (IFS) Toyota truck. If you are doing a Solid Axle Swap on your IFS Toyota truck, then you need these tubes to mount your shackles through the frame. 5-'04, Trackbar Bracket on the 2wd toyota axle is smaller ring gear setup and i am sure the regular lockers and parts from the more common 8" don't swap over. Solid Front Axle Swap IFS to Solid Axle Toyota switched to a 3" wider rear axle and IFS. You need only supply a Toyota front solid axle with 1982-85 8 hole hubs (6 for the studs, 2 for the attachment bolts) and drive shaft. 88 from Mossiero in Italy. Gotta do high steer to steer right so depending on what you want to use either a toyota ifs box or scout forward swing box with an axle subject to breaking. This listing is for 2 frame The hangers are 27. When it comes to changing axles in a leaf sprung rig, you want to get it right the first time. Try doing a search on it. Not long after I Does anyone know if I can swap a 2004 Toyota Sequoia Rear Axle Assembly with 4:10 gears into a 2004 tundra with 4:10 gears. 26″ Overall Length. Toyota high steer, sami box till I find a celica box. These kits contain brackets and may also include a shackle reversal for extra lift. I really wasn't too worried when I ran my 30"  May 21, 2014 Find out how to swap a Toyota axle into anything as we build an 80 series axle with parts from Hellfire Fabworks, Nitro Gear & Axle, and more! Toyota front leaf hanger kit with logo29" spring center. what exactly did you need to buy to finalize the conversion? 1987 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 Solid Axle Swap (SAS) Fuel Injected 22RE. 4 swap 98 engine, 00 tacoma ecu. The hangers have a 2" drop built into them (4" from the bottom of the frame) compared to a stock straight axle Toyota, but the distance from the front of the frame is the same, about 2". 8. Custom intake and exhaust. Toyota Axle Swap. it is a centered diff however, in case you are keeping the sammi t-case. Toyota. Re: Samurai Toyota Axle Swap with a Twist Been a while, but I finally got the axles in and wheeled it a bit this summer. (Bob) Ferguson (FTE screen name Ferguson777) and Chuck Frank (FTE screen name AXracer) Background A common complaint from owners of 1948 through 1960 Ford truck owners using the original straight axle suspension and steering is sloppiness in the steering of their vehicle – the “drunken monkey” syndrome. (not included). Piece of cake. Available for Ford, Dodge, Dana, GM, and Toyota models, when you buy an axle swap kit from Barnes, you’ll save an additional 10% off our already low prices. That's why Solid axle swap on an '87 Toyota 4Runner. Home / Straight Axle Swap Parts / Toyota. The next question was do I modify the front axle to meet the frame or do I modify the frame to meet the axle. Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers are well known for their strength and reliability all over Parts for solid axle conversions, Solid Axle Swaps Solid Axle Swap BS Thread. I would also try to use 4runner leaf springs. All Pro has 4. The first thing is to get all your parts you can get a lot of the stuff from allprooffroad. 5 speed R150 (89-95) Dual cases. Thanks These are just a few reasons why 4Runner solid axle swap kits are so popular in the off-road community. 4x4wire. The All-Pro Solid Axle kit is a top quality solid axle swap for your 1986 - 1995 IFS truck. ” Yotard has done the swap himself, and has some excellent advice on how to tackle the daunting task. Shop with confidence. It is one of my favorites vehicles around. for my rear im sleaving the lowers and i have a parts rig that im going to steal the links off and sleave them to. Jun 21, 2011 85-86 toyota axle swap. 5" on center to match the perches on the narrowed axle. Hardware includes:4- Boomerang shackle plates (Long side up, bend goes to the rear)2- Frame Tube Jigs (goes between body frame mount, slide all Official Toyota One Ton FAQ A collective effort to get all swap information in one place. Shop for Toyota Highlander CV Axle products with confidence at AutoZone. Low Range Off Road is your source for Toyota Axle Swap Parts for your Suzuki Samurai. The Build: Here are a few pictures of our latest solid axle swap on one of the easiest trucks in the business. Solid axle swap for a Toyota T100 . You are gona need a spring hanger, jigs, an axle leaf springs posibly shock hoops. Stock straight axle Toyota hangers and perches are 29" on center. From our historic Marlink, the industries first heavy duty tie rod featuring 1-ton-sized ball joints, our Marfield, the industries first heavy duty Birfield joint, our Crossover System, the industries first heavy duty and bump-steer eliminating steering system, to our EcoSeal, the industries first TOYOTA ALUMINUM WHEEL SPACERS. Jan 3, 2017 It was then I learned of the amazing difference between Aussie FJ axles and all others - Toyota welded flanges to either side of the diff to stiffen . Let Big Country Customs offers you 4x4 Truck Parts, getting your rig ready for the trails. Performing the Swap Step 1: IFS removal. Learn More. http://www. 87-92. Start off by pressure washing or cleaning your vehicle of debris. 4x4 Parts Canada. toyota axle swap

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